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SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo Welcomes New Marketing Coordinator

Cathy Jilbert

Lakeland, FL: Aerospace Center for Excellence Welcomes New Marketing Coordinator

Cathy Jilbert has been a native of SUN ‘n FUN and the Aerospace Center for Excellence since 2014 when she started attending Central Florida Aerospace Academy (CFAA). Over the years of her attending CFAA, she has volunteered at the annual SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo and the Florida Air Museum.

Jilbert received the James C. Ray Scholarship at the age of 16 and pursued her Private Pilot’s License at Lakeland Linder International airport, receiving her Private Pilot’s Certificate at the age of 17. Outside of flying as a teenager, she also was an active member in her local Civil Air Patrol squadron as a cadet.

Later, while attending Polk State College for their Aerospace program, Jilbert started working at Winter Haven Regional Airport fueling aircraft and working airport operations. Cathy’s marketing and social media experience began during the COVID-19 pandemic when the FBO she was working at temporarily closed for full-service fuel operations. She began a TikTok and Instagram account under the name “ClassCAirspace” to share a personal account of her experience within the aviation community. Her content includes trends and comedic content but also has some advice and stories about the aviation world. Over the last two years, Jilbert has gained social media experience through her personal pages and by operating a few other aviation business pages.

When asked about her ambitions for her new position she states, “I want the world to see how amazing ACE and Sun ‘n Fun are. What the organizations do to educate and inspire the many people in the aviation community, including myself, is amazing and I want to share that with everyone.”

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