Showplanes at SUN ‘n FUN

Guests who attend SUN ‘n FUN each year enjoy many types of aircraft that can be found in our Showplane aircraft parking areas.

Aviators from all over the USA and even internationally bring their aircraft here to be viewed, judged, and enjoyed by many of our attendees.

Our Showplane Parking areas consist of Homebuilt, Vintage, Warbird, Light Plane, Seaplanes and Rotorcraft aircraft.

Visit our Homebuilt Aircraft Parking & Camping area to enjoy many different plans-built and kit-built aircraft types. Share a hangar chat with an owner who might be willing to share a building tip or two. Homebuilt Parking & Camping, along with their hospitality operation will be located just west of 5/23 and south of the VOR, the same as last year!.

Vintage Aircraft parking and camping host the following factory-built aircraft from the following periods:

  • Antique – any airplane constructed on or before August 31, 1945
  • Classic – constructed between September 1, 1945, through December 31, 1955
  • Contemporary – constructed between January 1, 1956, through Dec. 31, 1970

Vintage Parking/Camping is located south of the taxiway at the end of runway 5/23.

Warbird Parking provides an up close and personal view of many different types of military aircraft representing the U.S.A. and other countries as well. Enjoy the honor of walking around many WWII, Korean and Vietnam-era aircraft that have protected our freedoms, been a part of, and changed history! Modern-day military aircraft are also welcome to participate and can be found on static display in this area. Register your Warbird here!

Seabirds – the Seabird Parking area attracts pilots who like to play in the water! Stop by the Seabird tent and parking area to experience all the unique seaplane aircraft that give up puddle-jumping for a couple of days to come and enjoy the show too!

Light Planes, an area that is also known as Paradise City. This aircraft operations area not only has aircraft static displays, exhibits, demonstration flights and other flying activities, but you can also attend a forum on a specific Light Plane topic. All of this can be enjoyed within view of the 8/26 grass strip on the southside of the event site every day.

Rotorcraft – If you like to beat the air into submission, put the Rotorcraft Parking area on your itinerary. Our helicopter parking is located on the southeast corner of the event site on airside.

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