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The Aviation Year Starts Here!

The aviation marketplace comes alive each Spring at the SUN ’n FUN Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida. After a long winter in some parts of the country, visitors look forward to seeing the latest in aviation products, aircraft and services on display in four indoor exhibit buildings and many outdoor spaces. More importantly, they come to buy!

The first step to becoming a SUN ’n FUN exhibitor is to complete the Exhibit Space Application below. The earlier we receive your application, the wider choice of spaces you will have. (If you applied in a recent year and we were unable to accommodate you with a space, your company will need to reapply to become a part of our waiting list. Please email us if we have not already confirmed that with you.)

Our Timeline and Process

Returning exhibitors have until September 15th to send their contracts and payments, after which we can assess available inventory. In October we begin by fulfilling change requests for existing exhibitors and sponsors, then place new sponsors and advertisers, and finally those potential new exhibitors from the waiting list. Priority is given to aviation-related exhibitors in order to maintain the focus of the event and attract a highly interested, motivated audience to do business with our exhibitors. A number of non-aviation companies are accommodated on a space-available basis later in the process.

We do our best to find every interested company a great spot, indoors or out, to make participating at SUN ’n FUN a good business decision. If for some reason we are unable to place you during our normal booking period, we will contact you about any last-minute openings. We will keep your application on file and confirm your interest in exhibit space in the late spring. And even if you are unable to exhibit with us this year, please consider advertising as a great way to get your message in front of the tens of thousands of SUN ’n FUN visitors!

Do you have an exhibitor question? Email us at exhibits@flysnf.org or call 863-904-4026.

Exhibit Spaces

All exhibitors enjoy access to the “Exhibitor Oasis” hospitality area and Exhibitor Office. We celebrate your participation with an invitation to attend the annual Exhibitor Breakfast. SUN ’n FUN also provides exhibitors with official web and print graphics for use in promoting your exhibitor booth location at the event.

Each exhibit space also includes appropriate staff credentials and access to a restricted vendor parking area. The same parking pass also allows direct access to the exhibit areas for loading/unloading of supplies before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. daily (except Sunday, closing day) when vehicle access is permitted at 6:30 p.m. ( est.)

Priority is given to aviation-related exhibitors in order to keep the focus of the event and attract a highly interested, motivated audience ready to do business with our exhibitors.

Exhibitor services – tents, furniture, shipping, labor, etc. – are provided by GES Exposition Services. An exclusive tent vendor will be provided at a later date.

Indoor Exhibit

Four Hangars: Four 20,000 sq. ft. hangars at “show center” and one 9,750 sq. ft. hangar nearby offer 10×10 and 10×20 exhibit spaces, which include electricity, back curtain pipe and drape, sign, one vendor parking pass and six exhibitor staff passes. Wireless internet and telephone service are available for purchase. Food vendors are located within walking distance for the convenience of guests and exhibitors alike.

Outdoor Exhibit

Available in a wide range of sizes and areas around the SUN ’n FUN campus, most outdoor spaces include electricity; please see the exhibit maps following for exceptions. Footprints may range from 100 to 7,500 sq. ft. and are priced accordingly. Wireless internet is also available in most outdoor spaces. Please ask about your particular preferred area.

Exhibit Areas and Typical Vendors Include:

NORTH EXHIBITS (N) – General vendors and some smaller aircraft, just outside the hangar doors facing the runway and airshow box.

NORTH EAST EXHIBITS (NE) – General vendors and some aircraft, between the four exhibit hangars and the FAA building.

LARGE DISPLAY (LD) – Aircraft or other general exhibitors requiring more space, along Laird Blvd. south of the FAA building.

MANUFACTURERS DISPLAY (MD) – Reserved primarily for aircraft manufacturers, the northernmost exhibit area, just south of the runway.

SUN ‘N FUN DISPLAY (SNF) – Large spaces primarily for aircraft manufacturers east of the FAA building and south of the Manufacturers Display area.

FUTURE ‘n FLIGHT PLAZA (FNF)– Large spaces for aircraft and others requiring a large footprint, just inside the SUN ’n FUN front gate; high traffic area.  This area also supports other week-long event activities like Junior ACES, Career Fair, Innovation Showcase and more that will provide increased traffic flow.

LIGHT AIRCRAFT EXHIBITS (LP) (Paradise City) – A home for light sport and ultralight aircraft, just south of vintage/classic aircraft parking on a major tram route road. Includes an FAA-approved grass strip with daily flight activity.

SUN ‘n FUN Exhibit Space Application

"*" indicates required fields


EXHIBIT REQUEST for space(s) requested below are to be occupied solely by representatives of your organization during the SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland, FL

I understand that this request is only a request, not a contract for space. Returning exhibitors have first right of refusal for their space, with open spaces filled on a space-available basis. Preference is given first to sponsors and advertisers, and second to aviation-related businesses; limited spaces are available for non-aviation vendors. We understand and accept that SUN ‘n FUN will attempt to locate our display in accordance with our preferences, but that it may not be possible for our company to be located in any of our preferred exhibit spaces..

Please indicate first, second and third choices for outdoor or indoor hangar space location. (See exhibit maps and price list for more information):

I undersand, Proximity to other exhibitors cannot be guaranteed. Preferences regarding other exhibitors override booth space preferences listed above unless otherwise noted.*
Will display aircraft fly into the event?:
Will display aircraft be trucked into the event?:

Please explain your Product/Service below. It will assist SUN ‘n FUN in determining your aviation connection and priority for exhibit space, as well as for specific placement in exhibit spaces.

To ensure that we have your company listed under the appropriate product category, please take a few moments to choose a category that best describes your product or service from the following listing. If there is no category that describes your company’s product, click other and please provide a brief description of your product/service under in the “other” field below.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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