Tent Camping

Tent Camping Information

Our Campground is open for SUN ‘n FUN beginning March 11 through April 14.  Our Camper Registration office will be open starting on Tuesday, March 28. Camper Registration is located at 4238 Hamilton Rd. – Lakeland, FL – GPS

Campers arriving prior to April 2 will need to proceed to the main SUN ‘n FUN entrance at 4175 Medulla Rd. take an immediate left to the Florida Air Museum, and request a campground permit purchase at the front desk.

The Hamilton Road entrance gate to the Campground will be closed from 12 midnight to 6:00 a.m. each morning.  Please use the Rocky Road gate off Medulla Rd for entry to the campground during these hours. (Camper Permit Required)

The purchase of event admission (for all campground guests) and a camping permit is required upon arrival. All campers who arrive prior to April 9 are required to pay at the time of arrival, a camping fee for each day prior to April 9. The permit must be displayed on your camping unit at all times.

  • Please request a copy of the campground rules upon arrival.
  • Be courteous of your neighbors – keep campsite neat and clean and noise levels down, especially after 10:30 PM.
  • No RV movement is permitted after dark.
  • Please return your locator card promptly to the Campground Host building located across the street from Shower House D.
  • Please include your cell phone number for emergency purposes.

Do you need to ship your camping gear or other items to SUN ‘n FUN? Click here for a printable shipping label.

See the General Campground Rules for more information.

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