Guest Services

Guest Services

In-Flight Guide

ATMs and Check Cashing

Automatic Teller Machines: There are several ATMs on the site. Please see convention map for specific locations.

Check Cashing is available for Florida Air Museum and EAA members at the Finance Office located at the Main Admissions Plaza.  Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Emergency and Medical Info

If you have an emergency call 911.
When calling, you must state you are calling from Polk County.

Medical Services
The Brokaw Medical Hospitality Center is located across from the Main Admission Building and east of Buehler Restoration Skills Center on James C. Ray Drive.

Flightline Safety


Safety is Priority Number One!

Enjoying the vast array of display aircraft is one of the leading reasons people come to SUN ‘n FUN. We are pleased to open Flightline access to all our guests. However, the safety of guests AND aircraft is paramount. Many pilots fly their aircraft to SUN ‘n FUN to share the joy of flight with everyone. Please do your part to protect people and aircraft by following the Flightline rules below.

By entering the Flightline area, you agree to follow these important safety rules:

  • Aircraft in motion have spinning propellers that can cause serious injuries. Please be aware of this AT ALL TIMES to avoid injury to you and your party.
  • Aircraft always have the RIGHT-OF-WAY. Please yield.
  • You are always responsible for your safety and the safety of those in your group.
  • NO SMOKING is allowed on the Flightline or around display aircraft.
  • NO FOOD is permitted on the Flightline (except for airside food vendor locations).
  • PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE CONVENTION SITE including AIRSIDE. (campground only-leashed)
  • Please be responsible and courteous around the aircraft.
  • Do not touch the aircraft without the owner’s permission.
  • Please supervise your children closely so they don’t inadvertently hurt themselves or damage the aircraft.
  • Make sure your lawn chairs are attended or they may blow away and cause damage to people or aircraft.
  • Please mind your camera, belt buckles and other clothing or accessories when bending over to look at an airplane. These items can damage paint jobs worth thousands of dollars.
  • NO SMOKING on the Flightline or around display aircraft.

If you have the opportunity, please thank the pilots who bring their aircraft to SUN ‘n FUN!

If you have guests driving in to join you, auto parking and ticket sales are now available on the southeast side of the convention site and near most airside aircraft parking/camping locations on the east side of the airport. This will provide guests the ability to purchase entry and gain immediate airside access close to the east end of the airport and near aircraft parking and camping areas. Transportation will also be provided.

SUN ‘n FUN is a private, non-governmental entity and controls all access to the Fly-In, all use of its property, and reserves the right to exclude anyone at any time from the Fly-In.

PHOTO IMAGES: By attending the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In, you grant permission to SUN ‘n FUN to utilize your image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the event, regardless of whether your image, likeness, actions and/or statements were recorded, displayed, transmitted, exhibited, published or reproduced before, during or after the Fly-In, in any medium or context without further authorization or compensation.

Fly-In Maps

Convention and Campground Maps


Arrival Procedures (NOTAM)

Lakeland Airport’s Control Tower will operate from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM. However, the SUN ’n FUN side (south) is closed to aircraft movements after 7:30 PM EDT. The field is also closed during the daily airshow (3:00 PM-6:00 PM). Check Graphic 2024 NOTAM and AIM for air traffic information and procedures. Tune to ATIS frequency 118.025 upon arrival for the update.

On-Site Transportation

The Onsite Transportation Depot is located on the corner of SUN ’n FUN Drive and Doolittle Road. The depot runs routes continuously throughout the day covering the entire convention site. Trams run 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

On-Site Car Rental Company

As guests of the air show, SUN ‘n FUN is happy to offer you discounts when booking Avis or Budget Car rentals.  Just go to or and include one of the following discount codes to receive up to 30% off. Rental vehicles will be available for on-site pickup at SUN ‘n FUN | KLAL Field.

Anyone booking a vehicle will need to create an account with any of the agencies below to reserve a vehicle.

Call Avis/Budget’s Local Office – KLAL – 863-687-4332 – You will need to provide one of the discount codes below to reserve your vehicle for SUN ‘n FUN onsite pickup. You may also make your reservation online or call the national phones numbers available below.

Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) #
Call Avis Worldwide – 800-352-7900 – Once you reach a customer service agent – provide the (AWD) # S048301 for your on-site pickup at SUN ‘n FUN | KLAL reservation.

Budget Corporate Discount (BCD) # V170501
Call Budget Corporate – 800-214-6094 – Once you reach a customer service agent – provide the (BCD) # V170501 for your on-site pickup at SUN ‘n FUN | KLAL reservation.

Commercial Airports

Tampa International Airport and the Orlando International Airports service the Central Florida area, including Lakeland.  Rental cars are available at each location.  Many of the Shuttle services below will service these airports.


SUN ‘n FUN will provide two UBER, LYFT and taxi pickup and drop-off locations to provide event access to our guests. Rideshare drivers are NOT permitted to drive onsite to your location, please do not request this service.  

All guests/customers entering the site MUST wear an event credential for that day. 

The west Rideshare location is just inside the Exhibitor Parking entrance on Medulla Road across from the main parking lot. The west location is located at “The Island“. Tickets may be purchased near both Rideshare locations for guest to make their entry purchase for the day. Please watch for signage.

Note:  Vehicle Traffic patterns change throughout the day during SUN ‘n FUN.  Guests arriving between 7:00 am – 8:00 am or departing around 5:00 pm are encouraged to use the pickup/drop-off location at “The Island”.  The Exhibitor Lot location may be impacted by these traffic flow changes.  The onsite tram system will provide transportation can provide transportation needs once you are onsite.  UBER and Lyft drivers are encouraged to follow traffic flows and the directions of traffic officers.  Rideshare drivers are required to display signs to gain site access.

West Side – Follow signs from County Line Rd on Medulla Rd. Proceed to and enter Exhibitor Parking. Rideside areas will be designated by signage.

East Side:Airport Shuttles and Taxi Services

Charly’s Taxi – 863-604-4007
Checker Cab – 863-665-8151
LimoLogic LLC – 813-951-4858
Polk County Taxi – 863-618-8400
Sundance Limo Inc. – 863-512-3334

SUN ‘n FUN will provide shuttle & taxi drivers access to the west Rideshare location. Drivers are NOT permitted to drive on-site or to your exact location on the grounds.  Please do not request this service.  All guests/customers entering the site MUST wear an event credential for that day.   The pick-up/drop-off area is located in the Lakeland Airside Center parking lot near a SUN ‘n FUN Ticket Trailer.  Look for signage.

Lindbergh Lot – Arriving onsite without a ticket, a purchase is available at the SUN ‘n FUN Ticket Trailer located just east of the Polk State College facility in the Lakeland Airside Center.  Transportation is provided from this ticket location to the SUN ‘n FUN Expo site (wristband required).  Departing – Take the East Depot Tram to return to this location. SUN ‘n FUN Lindbergh Lot Shuttle from our Onsite Tram Depot located at the corner of SUN ‘n FUN Drive and James C. Ray Dr. to reach this location.  On-site Shuttles run from 8 am – 8 pm.

Note:  Vehicle Traffic patterns change throughout the day during SUN ‘n FUN.  Guests arriving between 7:00 am – 8:00 am or departing around 5:00 pm are encouraged to use the pickup location in the Lindbergh lot. 

Future Dates

2025 – April 1-6
2026 – April 14-19
2027 – April 6-11
2028 – April 4-9
2029 – April 10-15
2030 – April 9-14

Handicap Services

Located on the West side of the Admissions/Registration building in the Main Gate Plaza. Information is available concerning all accessibility concerns.

Handicapped parking is located as close to the ticket registration building as possible. It helps if you have a handicapped placard so that the parking lot attendees can wave you onto the lot.  If you have trouble walking, we have a golf cart that will shuttle people from the handicapped parking lot to the ticketing window or to where you can rent a scooter (3 or 4-wheeled single-seat battery-operated motorized scooter = $70 per day).

You can also bring your own scooter or power wheelchair. SUN ’n FUN insurance does not allow the public to use golf carts during the convention. The types of vehicles for mobility aides allowed during the SUN ’n FUN convention are:

Mobility Cart Rentals

Mobility Carts, wheelchairs and wagon rentals are provided by ScootAround Mobility Solutions and are available online and on-site during SUN ’n FUN.  The on-site rental location is east of the Main Admissions/Registration building, next to the Lakeland AeroClub in the Main Gate Plaza. 

You may bring your mobility device which should meet the following requirements


A manual or battery-powered wheelchair


A single-seat, battery-powered, two or three or four-wheeled designed for the use of a mobility-impaired person.

The person using such a device does not need special credentials or passes to bring this into the SUN ’n FUN convention grounds. If the guest does not have their own or will not be bringing one, we have scooters and manual wheelchairs available for rent daily located near the main registration.  Click here to make reservations online or call 888-441-7575.

  • Mobility Scooters: $70
  • Wheelchairs: $25
  • Strollers: $11
  • Double Strollers: $17
  • Wagon: $17

* People using scooters and wheelchairs are allowed to go wherever the general public is allowed, which includes the Flightline with the proper event admission credentials.  The SUN ’n FUN grounds are very accessible but vast, handicap tram transportation can also be requested at our Tram Depot (corner of James C. Ray Drive and SUN ‘n FUN Drive if you wish to make use of our tram system while using a mobility cart or wheelchair while enjoying the show with family or friends

Special-Needs Camping:

Guests who desire to camp at SUN ’n FUN but cannot do so without the use of electricity for specific medical conditions may fill out the form below to confirm your need for such service.   We have a minimal number of CAMPING spots that will allow an individual with this need to utilize an electrical outlet. These spaces are available on a first-come first-served request, well in advance of the convention and backed up by medical documentation. You can request your space by filling out an online request for a handicapped electric permit below, contact the Handicap Services Chairman or you may contact by phone (386) 690-9986.

Aircraft Parking & Camping (for people with disabilities):

When you arrive, hold up a sign in your plane stating HANDICAP PARKING or HANDICAP CAMPING and they will direct you from there.  Admission tickets can be purchased from any of the following locations: Mobile Registration, Vintage Registration, Aircraft Camping Registration or Homebuilt Registration.   If you have reserved a mobility scooter or wheelchair to use during the event, please ask a SUN ’n FUN volunteer who is equipped with a radio or a golf cart to assist you in contacting the scooter rental site located by our main admissions area.   If this information does not answer your questions, please e-mail us at Handicap Services (or, if you do not have the e-mail you may call (386) 690-9986.

International Visitors

Willkommen, Bienvenu, Bienvenida, Bienvenido, Huānyíng, Benvenuto, Byenvini, Verwelkomen, Kalos Irthes, Bruch Haba, Ahla Oushela,  Welcome!

Please visit our International Oasis page to see the services we can provide you during your visit, make sure to stop by when you arrive and let us help you enjoy your visit…. welcome back!

If you are interested in being a volunteer at the International Oasis please sign up here!


Visit Central Florida is available a the Visitors Information Center located next to Sunset Grill. They can assist in making your Florida visit the best that it can be.  The City of Lakeland and Polk County as a whole are nearby to Legoland, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and of course the Disney and Universal attractions.   Don’t miss the outlet malls and fine dining in the area.  Buy your attraction tickets online or make reservations at the Visitors Information Center at SUN ‘n FUN.  Discount tickets for Legoland and other attractions are available daily for our guests.

Polk County is well known for our lakes and golf courses and has a myriad of shopping, theme parks and other opportunities to stay a day longer in Florida. You may consider arriving a few days before and enjoying the best beaches in the world with your families.

Watch an afternoon or evening airshow, and purchase an airplane or the equipment to fly it! Or, simply enjoy our weather and add to the most important resource in Florida, the tourism market.  Stay in local lodging and frequent area attractions –  we are here to offer the best experience for you, our guest.

Mailing & Shipping

Shipping services are provided by GES.
The GES office is located in Hangar E. Operational hours are 9 am to 5 pm during setup and during the event.

Do you need to ship your camping gear or other items to SUN ‘n FUN? Click here for a printable shipping label. Your shipment can be picked up at Hangar E located on Rocky Road in the west campground.

SUN ‘n FUN Merchandise Tents

Don’t leave SUN ‘n FUN without visiting one of our Official SUN ‘n FUN Merchandise tents.
Pick up the latest event t-shirt, hat, pilot supplies, sunglasses and more!

Locations                               Hours – All Locations

Sunset Grill                               Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Voyager Path                            Wednesday & Saturday – 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Warbird Country

See the Expo Map for locations on the campus.

Pet Boarding


Das Hund Haus – 863-289-8631
3210 Reynolds Road
Lakeland, FL 33803
Left on Pipkin, left on Waring Rd., right onto 570 E, take Exit 10 turn right for US98 (S Bartow Rd), left onto FL540 Reynolds Rd. Facility on Right

Hollywoof Pet Resort – 863-644-8152
5845 Brannen Rd. South
Lakeland, FL 33813
Left on Pipkin Rd., right on S. Florida Ave. behind Sonny’s BBQ – across from SPCA

My Pets Animal Hospital – 863-646-3669
2225 Drane Field Rd.
Lakeland, FL 33811
Left on Pipkin Rd., left on Old Medulla Rd.- right on Drane Field – The facility is on the left.

Text Message Updates

If you would like to receive:

  • Expo and Convention updates:  text “snfupdate” to 863-644-0808
  • Weather & Emergency alerts:  text “snfalert” to 863-644-0808

If you wish to STOP the text messages at any time, text “stop” to 863-644-0808

NOTE:  Participation in this service is free of charge, but standard carrier text messaging & data charges may apply.

WiFi Services

SUN ‘n FUN has invested in providing a better WiFi experience for its guests. We are pleased to offer free WiFi in most of the core areas of our campus. Just sign on to” SNF Free “ with your device.

We do ask that you sign out when you are not using it, so as to provide better band width for others using the service. Thank you!

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