Fly-By Showcase

Fly-By Showcase

This is a complimentary activity – No charge to participate!

Show off your aircraft in flight! This is an opportunity for manufacturers and individuals to display their aircraft during flight in the Fly-By pattern at the show center while a description of your aircraft is shared with the crowd over the public address system. Pilots and their announcers are given a briefing at the Fly-By and Showcase Briefing building.  These required briefings are held daily at 9:00 AM and include a description of the Fly-By pattern, staging and launch times. Our Showcase crew will be on hand to stage, launch and recall each aircraft on our discrete radio frequency.

Each aircraft or group of manufacturers’ aircraft has exclusive use of the Fly-By Showcase pattern to show off their aircraft during flight for up to 6 minutes while their representative extols its virtues to the many guests making their way across the airfield and through the exhibits. The same aircraft can fly on multiple days if times and slots are available.

The Fly-By Showcase is one of our most popular attractions and is a great opportunity to exhibit your aircraft in action! Sponsorships are also available for this high-visibility venue at SUN ‘n FUN.

Pilot/Aircraft Technical Evaluation Form

This form is required if you plan to fly as an airshow performer or in the Showcase. Also, please review the Documentation Requirements to ensure your participation during the event.

Featured Daily From 10:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

Showcase Fly-By Registration

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