Type Clubs

Do you have a favorite aircraft type? Are you looking for your fellow aircraft-type addicts? We may just have the place for you! SUN ‘n FUN hosts a Type Club Tent on airside during the week. Approximately 20 Type Clubs participate in the SUN ‘n FUN Type Clubs tent. Their members are present to share information and answer questions regarding memberships.

You are welcome to stop by the Type Club tent and check it out. The Type The club tent is located is on airside along taxiway Echo, just east of runway 5/23.

Here are the Type Clubs that participated during SUN ‘n FUN 2024!

  • Beech Aero Club
  • Cessna 120/140 Int’l Association
  • Cessna 150/152 Club
  • Ercoupe Flyers
  • International 170 Association
  • International Comanche Society
  • International Stinson Club
  • National Aeronca Association
  • Piper Cub Club
  • Sentimental Journey

Type Club Registration

SUN ‘n FUN 2024 will be here before you know it – April 9-14, 2024!  Please mark your calendars!

If your Type Club is interested in participating, please email us and let us know. Every Type Club lead will be asked to complete an online group registration providing the credentials and plans for the members of the Club who plan to work in the Type Club Tent before arrival.   

Attention:  To help keep our records up to date, please be sure your contact information is accurate, especially your email address.  Thank you!

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