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Light Planes at Paradise City

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Light Planes, an area that is also known as Paradise City. This aircraft operations area not only has aircraft static displays, exhibits, demonstration flights and other flying activities, but you can attend a forum on a specific Light Plane topic, the schedule will be available on the Daily Schedule. All of this can be enjoyed within view of the 8/26 grass strip where aircraft operations are conducted almost all day long on the southside of the event site every day of the event.

Light Plane will be offering a limited amount of Aircraft Camping in Paradise City. Please click on the links below to secure your admission or camping for your visit. Please watch ground personnel for directions. Weekly or daily camping purchase is required to camp with your aircraft.

Don’t forget to inquire about aircraft judging. You must have your aircraft judging registration completed by noon on Friday.

Join us on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 7-8:30 PM for the Sunset Aerial Circus at Paradise City!

Be inspired by more of the niche, approachable, and exciting forms of recreational and sport aviation. STOL aircraft demonstrating short takeoff and landing capabilities, powered paragliders flying in formation with lights and smoke, and RC airplanes performing unbelievable aerial feats.

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For all “Non ADS-B Out” aircraft with an electrical system.
You will have to complete a Daily request to fly. 

Click here for the link to the FAA site.
AA Video – NON_ADS-B approval

Aircraft Manufacturer Demo Flight Time Registration – (This is ONLY required if you intend to participate in the blocked time slot for Manufacture Demonstration or STOL. Must be printed and submitted in person to Air Show Safety. Questions You can make an appointment by calling Paradise City Tech Ops. @ +1-239-333-2447

Paradise City Pilot Handbook

Flight and Briefing Schedule

Flight Aware KLAL weather



Light Plane pilots will be in close proximity to the, The Island!  Make sure to drop by and enjoy the refreshments, entertainment, and presentations throughout the day and into the evening.  This area will also provide support services like the Pilot Welcome Center, camp store, ticket sales, shower houses, Rideshare and Publix Instacart grocery delivery. Refreshments will be available starting at noon on Saturday, April 6.

If you have guests driving in to join you, auto parking and ticket sales are now available on the southeast side of the convention site and in close proximity to most airside aircraft parking/camping locations on the east side of the airport. This will provide guests the ability to purchase entry and gain immediate airside access close to the east end of the airport and near aircraft parking and camping areas. Transportation will also be provided. Note: Vehicles are not permitted on airside and must park in the guest parking lot.

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