Aircraft Camping

Aircraft Camping Information

The (GAC) General Aircraft Camping will be relocating to the east end of the airfield, north of Echo Taxiway and south of the VOR.  Make sure you make plans to stop by and enjoy our exciting airside entertainment venue, “The Island”. 

The Island will provide a camp store, ticket sales, shower house, food, and entertainment all week. The Island also hosts the Pilot Welcome Center and provides a Rideshare hub for pick up and drop off at this location, as well as online grocery deliveries, watch for Publix InstaCart signage.

Aircraft camping is also available in Vintage, Homebuilt, Seaplane and Overnight Aircraft Camping. Camping registration for these locations can be purchased or online tickets can be redeemed from Mobile Registration, Vintage Registration or Homebuilt Registration.

SUN ‘n FUN Camping registration and admission tickets are available online for April 9-14.   No south side aircraft arrivals before Saturday, April 6.

** NEW THIS YEAR *** Fly ‘n Early Aircraft Camping packages allow you to fly in as early as Saturday 4/6/2024 and stay through Thursday 4/11/2024. Includes camping and admissions for one or two persons. Great for those who fly-in early and depart on Thursday! You can save money with this package and still experience all of your favorite Expo must-sees.  Guests will not be charged for camping or admission pre-event arrival (Saturday – Monday).

General Aircraft Camping – will be relocating to the east of the airfield, north of Echo taxiway and south of the VOR.  More details for this camping area will be shared as they become available.  Please display a GAC sign on the aircraft windscreen to camp in this area.

Homebuilt Aircraft Camping – will be combined with Homebuilt Parking and hosts a hospitality area for visiting pilots.  Please display an HBC sign on the aircraft windscreen to camp in this area.

Vintage Aircraft Camping – Aircraft built in 1970 or earlier are authorized to park in the Vintage Aircraft. Please display a VA sign on the aircraft windscreen to camp in this area.

Seaplane Aircraft Camping – located on the corner of Echo and Echo One.  Please display an SP sign on the aircraft windscreen to camp in this area.

If you have guests driving in to join you, auto parking and ticket sales are now available on the southeast side of the convention site and in close proximity to most airside aircraft parking/camping locations on the east side of the airport.  This will provide guests the ability to purchase entry and gain immediate airside access close to the east end of the airport and near aircraft parking and camping areas. Transportation will also be provided.

Aircraft Campground Rules

Please be safe during your stay and follow these rules.

  • Aircraft Camping space is issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • An “aircraft camping unit” is defined as an aircraft with a tarp structure or tent setup up close to the aircraft. Aircraft must be present to secure an aircraft camping space.
  • Campsite purchase must be complete before setup can begin.
  • Only one camping permit is required per aircraft.
  • A camping permit must be visible from the front of the aircraft by a person on a golf cart – it should be in the windshield if you use a canopy cover.
  • All campground guests and visitors must purchase and wear convention admission credentials.
  • ALL AIRCRAFT MUST BE TIED DOWN. You may BRING YOUR OWN TIE-DOWNS… or purchase them on-site.
  • If you arrive early and plan to leave your aircraft tied down at SUN ’n FUN while visiting other area attractions, please leave your aircraft uncovered and do not set your brake. It may be necessary to move your aircraft.
  • Be courteous of your neighbors – keep campsite neat and clean and noise levels down, especially after 10:00 PM.
  • Careful use of white gas or propane is allowed provided they are a safe distance (at least 10 Feet) from the Aircraft and attended at all times.
  • Cooking stoves may not be operated within 50 feet of any aircraft fueling operation.
  • All attendees should be aware of taxiing aircraft throughout the event. All taxiing aircraft have the right-of-way.
  • No aircraft movement in any aircraft camping area during the airshow (when the red flag is up).
  • Please return your locator card promptly to the registration area or the Camper Host.
  • Please include your cell phone number on the locator card for emergency purposes.

Services & Amenities

  • Courtesy transportation is available throughout the aircraft camping
  • Showers, restrooms and/or port-a-potties are available.
  • Cell phone charging is available at the GAC Registration Building.
  • Do you need to ship your camping gear or other items to SUN ‘n FUN? Click here for a printable shipping label.

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