About SUN ‘n FUN

What We Are

From its humble beginnings in 1974 as a fly-in for sport aviation enthusiasts, the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo has grown into one of the largest and most successful aviation events on earth. We are Florida’s largest annual convention of any kind, and each year over 200,000 visitors flock to what has become known as “Aviation’s Season Opener” or “Spring Break for Pilots.”

Pilots flying into the Expo are fascinated by the vision of hundreds of aircraft showcased in all shapes and sizes. Aircraft areas include Vintage, Homebuilt, Aerobatic, Warbird, Jet, and Light Sport. To serve all those flying in, a major trade show is part of SUN ‘n FUN. Over 500 exhibitors have an incredible lineup of products and services, hands-on workshops teach hundreds of building and maintenance skills, and dozens of forums educate pilots and maintainers about safety, new products, and an infinite number of other timely topics. Not just for pilots, SUN ‘n FUN has STEM and Career Fair activities, plus a Family Fun Zone and, of course, our world-famous daily and night airshows that feature breathtaking displays from dozens of military and civilian performers.

Our Cause

SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that markets and supports dozens of year-round events, including the Aerospace Expo. Proceeds from these events are the primary source of funding for The Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE), which has emerged as a nationally recognized leader in STEM-related and aerospace education through its various learning centers, outreach programs, scholarships, and summer camps aimed at engaging, educating and accelerating the next generation of aerospace professionals. In addition to SUN ‘n FUN, ACE is the home of the Florida Air Museum, Florida’s Official Aviation Museum and Education Center, and the Lakeland Aero Club, which is the country’s largest high school flying club. ACE is the world’s leader in producing licensed teenage private pilots and delivers youth programs that engage over 50,000 students a year.

Vision Statement

“Build a Brighter Future Through Aviation”

Mission Statement

“Preserve and Enhance the Future of Flight Through World Class Events, Inspiring and Educating People of All Ages”


Our SUN ‘n FUN Pioneers were and, in some cases, still are instrumental in the initial and continued success of the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In. We honor those who gave so much so those today can continue to enjoy aviation and educate our future aviators.

Arnold Allen*Max Dooley*Esther Jenkins*Roscoe Morton*Sandra Spanier
Daris AndersonAllan Duncan*Merle Jenkins*Johnny Mott*John Starr*
Marshall Anderson*Bob DunhamWilliam JenningsTom Murray*Max Stenger*
Ray AndersonJennie Dyke*Milt Jobes*Gladys Muse*Jo Stephenson
Joe Araldi*John DykeRuth Jobes*Robert Muse, Sr.*Paul Stephenson
Allan ArbuthnotCarl Eaton*Ruth Johnson*Wynn Nobriga*Glen Stork*
Warren Arnault*James Eaton*Einer Johnson*Jo Olcott*Grover Summers*
Calvin Arter, Sr.Lorraine Eaton*Betty Jones*Ray Olcott*Hubert Talton*
Em Avery*Bill Ehlen*Martin Jones*Betty Orme*Charlotte Thomas
Barry BarkmanBill EickhoffJack Kehoe*Kirby Orme*Chris Thomas*
Dan Barnes*Suzy EickhoffLandis Ketner*Hank Palmer*Gary Thomas
Fran Barnes*Len Elswick*Art Kilps*Bonnie PeckRalph Thomas*
John BaughRachel ElswickJune Kilps*Carl Peck*Steve Thomas
Don BennettJohn Engles*Jane KimballCarl PedersonJo Thompson*
Johnny Bennett*Marty FauxJim KimballW. B. "Red" Perkins*W.D. "Duffy" Thompson*
Lee BennettRay Fiset*Gordon KnappBonnie PerkinsDean Tilton*
Morris Bennett*Fred Fisher*Bud Koetz*Rex PerryLloyd Toll*
John Best*Lyle Flagg*Willie LaneAudrey Poberezny*Tommy Tompkins
Evelyn Blink*Duane Fournier*Delores LangleyPaul Poberezny*Walt Troyer*
Leo Blink*Nelda FournierJames Langley*Dorothy PrattBill Truebe*
Jack Bowling*David FrantzMarguerite Lawrence*Claude “Gene” PrattFrank Valdes*
Pat Boyce*Donna FrantzMerle Lilly*Freddie Quinn*Rose Valdes*
Victor Boyce*John Freeman*Olin Longcoy*Patricia QuinnFred Varn*
Russell Brause*Jim FreyBarney Lucas*William Race*Ruth Varn*
Larry BrockGrahame Gates*Tom Mack*Roger Don Rae*Ed Veres
Bergon Brokaw*Brian GeigerJim Mahoney*George Read, Jr.*Dave Vergason*
Buddy Brokaw*Lorena Grotefend*Lu MahoneyDolores "Dodie" ReddingMilt Voigt*
Peggy Brown*Ray Haberman*Byrd Mapoles*Herb Redding*Betty Walker
William Buston*Nick HarperStewart Mast*Jerry ReynoldsKen Walker
James Campbell*Chris Heintz*Bill McClintock*Ken Rickert*Linn Walters
Doris Casey*Michael HeintzLeonard McGinty*Marion Robles*Fred Ware
Harry CaseyAdair Henderson*Ann McKeeRosemary RogersLloyd Washburn*
Ken Chalker*Arthur HendersonWilliam McKeeWillie Ropp*Everett Welsch
Michael ChenowethBilly Henderson*Phil McKenzie*Grace Russell*Bill Wheeler
Ralph CobbWade HendersonSandy McKenzieLarry Russell*Lyle D. Wheeler*
Bill Cocker*Ronald Henry*Ernie Meixner*George Saunway*Bill Williams*
James CoverdaleBob HermanEmily Mensing*Mary Lou Saunway*Larry Willis
Lynn Coverdale*Bonnie Higbie*W.R. Mensing*Floy Sawyer*Lorrie Wilson
Esther CowanKen HigginsLes Merritt*Rocky Sawyer*Patricia Wilson
George Cowan*Pam HigginsWilliam MeseroleDave SchlingmanAllan Wise*
Golda Cox*Bob HighleyMarie Miller*Polly Schroeder*Mitch Wiseman*
Jack Cox*Susan HighleyMarvin MillerDave ShallbetterSteve Wittman*
Bob CurtisDick Hill*Sherry "Sweetpea" Miller*John Shinn*Don Wood*
Ron Dahly*Jeannie Hill*Truman Miller*Carol ShoafJessie Woods*
Jim DantzmanEdward Hoffman, Sr.*Lois Mitchell*Merle Shoaf*George "Woody" Woodward*
Bud DavidsonPaul Hopkins*Wallace Mitchell*Diane Smith
Emogene DavisRobert Hopkins*Bob Moler*Mike Smith
Ken Davis*Orrick Howard*Don MorrisJimmy "Ragman"
Charles Dewey*Charles Jamieson*Donna-Lee Morris-NattrassRod Spanier*

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