Aircraft Judging

Join many other owners of unique aircraft, builders and restorers. Fly your aircraft to SUN ‘n FUN to be judged in any of the aircraft division types below. Aircraft Judging begins on opening day, Tuesday and continues through Friday. Winners are recognized on Saturday evening during an Aircraft Judging Award ceremony held on-site. When purchasing your admission and/or camping, please let our registration team member know that you would like to have your aircraft registered. They will provide you the information you need.

Have it judged in comparison to your fellow aviators

Judging is conducted in the following aircraft categories:

  • Homebuilts
  • Light Plane
  • Seaplane
  • Rotorcraft
  • Ultralights
  • Warbirds
  • Vintage
    • Antique – any airplane constructed on or before August 31, 1945
    • Classic – constructed between September 1, 1945, through December 31, 1955
    • Contemporary – constructed between January 1, 1956, through Dec. 31, 1970

Upon arrival, make sure you request your airplane to be judged when you register.

Awards Ceremony – Saturday night – 6:00 p.m. – Prop75 Building located in the Commercial Exhibit Area south of Hangar B.

For more information on Event Activities, please visit our SUN ‘n FUN Daily Schedule!

Aircraft Judging Awards

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