SUN ‘n FUN announces Malonie Ayers as Director of Sponsorship Development


With the rich history of the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo, and the distinct ability to connect aerospace professionals, businesses, and enthusiasts to the colorful story of aviation, one person stands out and embodies the thrilling spirit of SUN ‘n FUN. SUN ‘n FUN announces Malonie Ayers as the Director of Sponsorship DevelopmentWith an incredible history of professional experience in marketing strategies, event launches, and strategic partnerships of striking power and caliber, Malonie is a valuable asset to the team.

Malonie explains, “Through sponsorship opportunities at our SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo, the Aerospace Center for Excellence, and now with the completion of the Ramus SkyLab Innovation Center, there has never been a more exciting time for businesses to engage with our SUN ‘n FUN audience and STEM education students to grow their brand exponentially. Through these contributions, we can help further the education of our students and contribute to our sponsors’ success.”

Malonie will continue to deliver valuable and bold strategies to SUN ‘n FUN and the Aerospace Center for Excellence. Her relationships initiated outside of sponsorships embrace those on the philanthropic side, including Redbird Flight Simulations and the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, both of which contributed to the completion of Project SkyLab. She was also instrumental in creating the MYBOX Hangar Village and the new Airshow Control Tower. Fulfilling this key upper management position within SUN ‘n FUN will unify the organization’s efforts to engage within the aviation and aerospace community.

Lites remarks, “With powerful revenue enhancements for multiple years and new opportunities related to SUN ‘n FUN and the Aerospace Center For Excellence, Malonie’s experience and leadership contribute greatly to the expansion of our mission-driven aviation programs and events. We are excited about our steadfast relationships with businesses across this amazing aerospace industry that will continue to develop as she leans into her passions and skillsets to support our aerospace education programs!

Many familiar with Malonie recognize her innovative thinking and keen awareness to champion success on behalf of others. Here her personality shines through in a remarkable way! Being fully present in her interactions, you will be drawn into the kind and nurturing energy that exudes.

Malonie lives in Lakeland with her husband Ron and four daughters, Chloe (22), Skylar (19), Sophia (18), and Cozette (16). She craves new adventures and loves the outdoors. With attention to detail and a strong family history of community involvement, Malonie will facilitate varying needs and help boost support for many.

Congratulations to Malonie on this much-deserved promotion! We are thrilled that she will continue to help support SUN ‘n FUN’s mission to preserve and enhance the future of flight through world-class events, along with inspiring and educating people of all ages!

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The mission of the Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) is to “Engage, Educate, and Accelerate the Next Generation of Aerospace Professionals. The SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo and dozens of other events year-round produce the majority of the revenue that goes into supporting this mission. By attending our events, you are helping us deliver top-quality, industry-leading STEM education and scholarship programs to thousands of young men and women each year. The opportunities that ACE provides give young people a competitive edge as they navigate their educational journey that can ultimately lead to a rewarding career in the world’s incredibly diverse and rapidly growing aerospace industry. You can help! Please click the links below to explore how you can share your knowledge and expertise as a volunteer in over 3500 available positions, become a patron of the Florida Air Museum, or donate to assist us financially. Regardless of how you assist, whether by attending our events, visiting the museum or donating financially, we sincerely appreciate your support!

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