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The SUN 'n FUN Private Housing Group Facebook page is provided for individuals who need housing and for those who can provide housing to connect with one another to secure accommodations for SUN ‘n FUN.

Please complete the short form below that will allow access to the SUN 'n FUN Private Housing Group Facebook page.  We hope you find this a useful tool for fulfilling your housing needs for SUN 'n FUN.  The form will take you to the SUN 'n FUN Private Housing page after clicking SUBMIT.  As this is a closed group page, please request page membership if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

This Private Housing Facebook page is provided to our guests strictly as a resource to provide housing to or locate private housing for guests who are attending SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo. SUN ‘n FUN does not endorse or recommend any private home, property and/or guest, and any agreement completed, written or verbal, is between the property owner and guest only. This listing opportunity is provided as “Information Only”

Once you are approved on the private housing group page, please list your needs similar to the examples below.  Of course, for those listing properties, photos are welcome and useful.

Rental Needed – Please provide your specific needs (i.e. home, room(s), camper). State the number of rooms, the number of beds & sizes required and the number of people in your party and if you desire a smoking or non-smoking accommodation. It would also be helpful to state if you plan to bring your pet. Provide arrival and departure dates and any contact information you are comfortable providing on this forum.

Rental Available – Please provide specific information on the type of housing you can provide (i.e. home, room(s), camper). If providing a room or home, please state if the home will be owner-occupied or unoccupied. You will need to supply specifics like the number of rooms, the number of beds and sizes, what parts of the house will be accessible (i.e. kitchen, bath, pool, etc.) or if a private bath is available. Please provide if this is a smoking, non-smoking property and if pets are allowed. Be very clear on the rental rate, and if there is a deposit required.

SUN 'n FUN Private Housing Submission Request

Private Housing Facebook Group Registration

  • After clicking on submit you will be taken to the SUN 'n FUN Private Housing FaceBook page. You will need to request to become a member of this group page to be approved for access.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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