February 2, 2023 | Press Release


The new 2023 SUPER PETREL XP is different. It is the culmination of two decades of production experience and over 400 aircraft produced from Scoda Aeronautica Brazil. This new XP design provides the best in engineering and manufacturing expertise, creating this extraordinary, all new, light sport amphibian aircraft. The new SUPER PETREL XP is the absolute best in the Light Sport Amphibious Industry. Every piece of this new design has been meticulously engineered, for strength, effectiveness, and performance while the incomparable safety record inherited from its predecessor remains untouched.
The longer hull enhances hydrodynamic efficiency, therefore water takeoff and landings at the new maximum allowable gross weight of 1430 pounds (650 kg) for both water and land is easier than ever. The new full composite tapered set of wings makes the SUPER PETREL XP even more efficient and stable. Additionally, the newly engineered air-foil with carbon fiber strut fairings along with the built-in landing and navigation lights, adds elegance to this very distinctive bi-plane configuration.

State of the art nose and main wheels with larger tires, improve the SUPER PETREL XP operational ability on unprepared fields such as grass, soft sand or rocky beaches. The electrically actuated / hydraulic operated landing gear retracting system is designed for ease of operation, low maintenance and simplicity, elimination of cables, arms and pulleys results in a 50% reduction of moving parts. Finally, and most importantly, the new streamlined fuselage with a one-piece canopy provides unparalleled visibility and comfort to the occupants.

The SUPER PETREL XP can be equipped with a choice of either the Rotax 912iS (100 hp) or the new 915iS Turbo (141 hp). The fuel system capacity has been increased with a maximum capacity of 30 gallons (29 gallons usable). The 912iS engine fuel burn is at 4 gallons per hour providing more that 7 hours of range. The increased floatation now allows the aircraft to be operated on the water at the full maximum weight of 1,430 pounds. That is full fuel and two individuals at 190 pounds each. The baggage area has been increased in size to allow for 60% greater volume. Cruise speeds in excess of 100 knots in the new SUPER PETREL XP, will be the new normal. This very talented, high performance, cross-country Light Sport amphibian aircraft will satisfy all your mission needs. High-altitude or high-density altitude performance combined with even greater range capability; the new SUPER PETREL XP is the best of both worlds on land or sea.
Features / Improvements

1. full composite tapered wings with built-in landing / position lights
2. streamlined carbon / aramid composite fuselage
3. one-piece canopy providing unparalleled visibility and comfort for the occupants
4. structural nose area allowing occupants to walk in and out while beaching
5. longer hull enhancing hydrodynamics’ efficiency and floatation
6. electrically actuated / hydraulic operated landing gear retracting system
7. state of the art nose and main wheels with larger tires
8. new brake system including park break
9. maximum gross weight of 1430 pounds (650 kg) for both water and land
10. new fuel system with maximum capacity of 30 gallons and dual fuel gauge indicators
11. baggage area increased in size to allow for 60% greater volume
12. niches for BOSE headsets storing and volume control on the side arm rest
13. central GARMIN G3X Touch Screen, including, Transponder, VHF, Autopilot, AOA, ADSB In and Out, ELT ACK 406 dual frequency / whip antenna and SIRIUSXM
14. new Garmin Landing Gear Alerting System
15. central console with throttle control and switches
16. four positions for back seats adjustment
17. ballast tank with gauge indicator and electric in / out pump system
18. available with Rotax 912iS (100 hp) / 915iS Turbo (141 hp)
19. five blade propeller on 915iS Turbo only
20. cruise speeds in excess of 100 knots
21. max endurance beyond 6:00 hours (no reserve)

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