March 16, 2023 | Press Release

Mustang Mustang Mustang! Exquisite ScaleWings SW-51 Returns To Lakeland For 2023!

Mustang Mustang Mustang! Exquisite ScaleWings SW-51 Returns To Lakeland For 2023!

After WOWing Oshkosh and Reno, ScaleWings’s SW-51 MUSTANG Returns to SUN´n FUN 2023!

Presenting stunning detail, ScaleWings lavishly designed “SW-51” P-51 Mustang replica blew away the skeptics at Oshkosh 2022 and the Reno Air Races… especially after several flights proved the dream to be a reality.

After that successful jaunt to the US in 2022, and a surprising number of sales contracts that followed, ScaleWings and the all-carbon SW-51 MUSTANG return to the aviation world’s first big annual event (for the second time) via the massive SUN´n FUN Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, FL.

The highly detailed warbird replica has already chalked up new sales about as fast Mustangs scored victories in WWII. Thus far, serial numbers up to SN 022 have been sold as the order book opened last year, while the first customer-built kit SW-51 MUSTANG has been flying since early 2023. This, as well as all other SW-51s are fully capable tandem Two-Seaters with dual controls… for double the fun ! Even in the rear seat, a 6 ft 5 person can comfortably sit and enjoy the show. With three aircraft flying to this point (they’ll have a full squadron before you know it…), the company is but weeks away from adding the most advanced SW-51 MUSTANG, yet, to the fleet.

SN 007, dubbed “Double-O-Seven” (of course…) will feature a range of novel features heretofore unseen by the aviation community — including new taxi and landing lights that have been seamlessly integrated into the Mustangs three machine gun bays on each wing. The SW-51 will also boast a full glass cockpit by GARMIN with a 10“ G3X touch in the center and a G5 backup PFD on the side. New cameras in the belly scoop are connected to the big PFD display to allow pilots to get unobstructed visibility of the area in front of the aircraft, during taxi, allowing for safe ground operations without the need for taildragger related s-curves on the ground.

For this year’s SUN´n FUN, ScaleWings has a new home having relocated from the LSA Mall to the center of the action via booth LD-10, right down the way from Sunset Grill past the Radio Station hut and on the same path as the EAA Building.

ScaleWings brings the SW-51 MUSTANG to this SUN´n FUN, inviting one and all to see for themselves what all the fuss is about… take a close-up view on the more than 100,000 details, such as rivets, screw heads, etc. meticulously worked into all surfaces of the all-carbon skins. Combine that with its polished-aluminum paint finish, and the aircraft has tricked many – including trained eyes — into believing it’s a riveted aluminum bird. Seriously… come see for yourself!

Introducing ScaleWings

ScaleWings Aircraft GmbH is a German based aircraft designer and manufacturer. The company runs its own production plant in the famed “Aviation Valley” in the South East of Poland, where the SW-51 MUSTANG is meticulously constructed by a workforce nearing 40 full-time employees in a 24,000 sq ft facility. ScaleWings is carefully expanding their production capacity from a current output of 12 aircraft to a targeted volume of 25 aircraft, and more, starting from 2025 and beyond.

The SW-51 MUSTANG is available as a Kit for the Amateur Build category. The highly pre-fabricated Quick Build Kit is priced at USD 225,000. Add powerplant, prop, wirings, avionics and other systems, and you can build this dream P-51 replica starting at around USD 320,000. The company also offers Build Assist service in the Krosno facility, as well as through their US partner TITAN AIRCRAFT of Austinburg, Ohio, enabling even untrained builders to complete the assembly completely free of frustration in the shortest possible time.

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· CTO, Simon Schell

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