March 11, 2024 | Press Release

Holy Micro! LLC Presents SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 at SUN ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo – Booth D-054

Holy Micro! LLC ( is thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo. As a company dedicated to enhancing aviation safety and efficiency through innovative solutions, we are excited to showcase our latest product, the SkyVoice Alert LHA 500, at this prestigious event.

Join us at Holy Micro’s booth D-054 to experience firsthand the revolutionary technology behind the SkyVoice Alert LHA 500. This cutting-edge solution is designed to transform aviation safety during takeoff and landing, addressing critical challenges faced by pilots worldwide.

The SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 offers unparalleled accuracy in altitude measurement. Pilots can receive real-time announcements directly through their aircraft's audio panel or headset, whether wired or Bluetooth-enabled. It offers LiDAR based height call-outs from 500 to 1 foot on landing/take-off. This immediate feedback empowers pilots to make necessary adjustments for a secure landing, significantly reducing landing-related incidents.

In addition to altitude announcements, the SkyVoice Alert LHA 500’s system offers repeated gear warnings until the gear is down & locked while landing. It offers many user selectable reminders such as Check Gear, Checklist, LC GUMPS, Flaps, Check Speed, Check Tank, Check Fuel & Top of descent, thus enhancing the pilot’s confidence and peace of mind. SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 also offers GPS/MSL Height call-outs & reminders like Check Oxygen.

The Holy Micro’s SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 acts as a virtual co-pilot, assisting pilots in combating challenges such as High Final Approach, Low Final Approach, High Round Out (High Flare), Hard Landing, Late or Rapid Round Out, Floating or Ballooning during Round Out, Bouncing during Touchdown, and Porpoising. It augments pilot's spatial orientation by adding another dimension – depth – through audio announcement.

Holy Micro! LLC invites you to visit booth D-054 at SUN 'n Fun Aerospace Expo to learn more about SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 and experience firsthand the future of aviation safety technology. Come by the booth for a chance to win vouchers and gifts. With Holy Micro! LLC's commitment to innovation and safety, the SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 sets a new standard for aviation excellence.

Join Holy Micro! LLC at SUN 'n Fun Aerospace Expo, as we continue to pave the way for safer and more accessible flying worldwide.


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