March 25, 2024 | Press Release Unveils the CLS-60: A New Era in Flight Simulation at Sun ‘n FUN 2024

Singapore –, a pioneering Singapore-based technology firm, is thrilled to announce the launch of the CLS-60, marking a milestone in the flight simulation industry as the world's first affordable modular force feedback (Control-Loading System (CLS)) yoke at Sun 'n FUN 2024 in Lakeland, Florida.

This groundbreaking product promises an unprecedented level of realism in flight simulation, all while being offered at the accessible price of under $800 (USD).

The introduction of the CLS-60 sets a new benchmark for quality and functionality in the market. Aimed at serious flight simulator enthusiasts, student pilots, and licensed pilots, the CLS-60 combines high-quality construction with affordability. Made entirely from durable metal, it is designed for both consumer and professional use, ensuring longevity and reliability.

The CLS-60 is engineered to closely mimic the forces experienced in a real Cessna 172, featuring a maximum pitch force of 60N (13.5lbs) and a realistic pitch travel of 165mm, along with a ±90° roll travel. These features place the CLS-60 at the forefront of flight simulation technology.

A key aspect of the CLS-60 is its modularity. This unique feature allows for easy upgrades, such as the upcoming CLS-120 module, which doubles the pitch force for an even more authentic piloting experience. The CLS-60 also integrates seamlessly with the soon-to-be-released FC-50 Flight Console, enhancing the simulation experience further.

About is a Singapore-based technology company that is committed to transforming the flight simulation industry. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people experience aviation by leveraging advanced modular technology, offering cost-effective solutions, and providing exceptional customer support. We aim to make immersive aviation experiences accessible to everyone.

What sets us apart is our focus on modularity right from the product design phase. By embracing modularity, we are able to differentiate ourselves and deliver innovative modular solutions to our customers.

Since all our products are designed from a clean-sheet perspective, we have the flexibility to leverage the latest technologies and incorporate cost-efficiency measures in our component selection process. This allows us to create high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers while still being budget-friendly.

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