April 9, 2024 | Press Release

Flight Club Brings Aircraft Sharing to the US, Empowering Pilots and Owners to Fly more Often

[Lakeland, Florida] – April 09, 2024 – Flight Club (www.flightclub.life, announced today its exciting expansion into the United States. Flight Club is set to transform the US aviation landscape, offering pilots unprecedented flexibility and affordability while helping aircraft owners significantly reduce ownership costs and potentially generate profit from their aircraft.
Since launching in Canada in 2020, Flight Club has created a thriving community of over 3,000 users, boasting a fleet of 60 aircraft coast to coast and logging more than 10,000 flight hours through the platform.
"We're excited to empower US pilots with the ultimate flexibility in aircraft rentals," said [Mathew Fernandez], Co-Founder and CEO of Flight Club. "Our platform offers a seamless solution for longer trips, weekend adventures, and building flight hours at a fraction of the cost."
Flight Club offers a compelling value proposition for both pilots and owners:
Remarkable Savings: Pilots save an average of $40 per hour on aircraft rentals, enabling valuable time-building at a fraction of the traditional cost.
Ultimate Flexibility: Take those long-desired weekend trips, do some under the wing camping, or explore new destinations without the limitations of traditional flying schools.
Community and Freedom: Connect with a passionate community of aviators and experience the true freedom of general aviation flying.
Aircraft Owners:
Offset Ownership Costs: Dramatically reduce the financial burden of aircraft ownership by sharing your aircraft within the Flight Club community.
Potential for Profit: In some cases, owners can even turn their aircraft into a revenue-generating asset.
Create Community: Create a community around your aircraft, have BBQ’s, plane wash parties, fly to exciting places and share the joy of aviation.
Flight Club's limited US launch will allow for 40 aircraft to join within the first two months and will be expanding its presence across the US rapidly within the next year.

About Flight Club
Flight Club (www.flightclub.life) is a cutting-edge aircraft sharing platform dedicated to making general aviation flying accessible and affordable. Founded in Canada in 2020, the company's proven track record demonstrates a commitment to safety, reliability, and an exceptional user experience. Flight Club's US expansion is a pivotal moment for the general aviation industry, bringing a new era of access and affordability to both pilots and aircraft owners.
Mathew Fernandez
Co-Founder and CEO
Flight Club

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