March 25, 2024 | Press Release

A Voice Assistant for Pilots

AeroSys Technologies Inc. announces strategic merger with MiraLou Aero LLC, Unveils "Goose – Your AI Voice CoPilot" at Sun'n Fun Aerospace Expo

March, 22nd, 2024

A New Era in Aviation: AeroSys Technologies Inc. and MiraLou Aero LLC Merger

Full blown AI Voice CoPilot about to be released! Pilots now enabled to access all checklists, all airport & navigation information and much more via voice only!

The system is often referred to as the “Alexa for pilots” – an extraordinary boost in both a pilot’s comfort and safety.

AeroSys Technologies Inc., a pioneering name in aviation technology, is thrilled to announce its merger with MiraLou Aero LLC, renowned for its comprehensive checklist-app MiraCheck. This strategic merger, finalized at the end of last year, marks a significant step in aviation safety & technology, combining AeroSys' cutting-edge research with MiraLou's practical, extensive applications.

Innovative Product Launch: "Goose – Your AI Voice CoPilot"

In line with this exciting merger, AeroSys is proud to introduce "Goose – Your AI Voice CoPilot". This product is a result of the synergistic fusion of AeroSys's advanced usability and MiraCheck's established platform. Set to launch directly before the well-attended Sun’n Fun Aerospace Expo, "Goose" represents the next step in digital aviation assistance and safety.

The new Goose app will be available April 5th, for both iOS and Android, which is very unique in the General Aviation community. Exclusively for Sun’n Fun visitors, AeroSys offers the chance to win a 100% discount code for their premium plan of up to 24 months and is giving away amazing prizes such as a brand-new Bose A30 Aviation Headset for all old and new subscribers that visit AeroSys at booth IS-3 and IS-4 in the innovations tent.

The winner of the Bose Headset will be drawn live on site on Sunday, April 14th at 12:00pm (EST) and notified via email.

Goose – Your AI Voice Co-Pilot is a free subscription-based app. The standard license is free and it can be upgraded to Pro or Performance plan for $25 and $35 per year.

Top Level Features and Capabilities
The Goose app enables pilots to use their iOS or Android device and use it as their digital copilot. As a voice assistant Goose is often described as the ‘Alexa for pilots’. A comparison which fit quite well as you can link existing software and hardware products to Goose and bring AI into your cockpit!

As a voice assistant Goose will guide you through your checklists and procedures, assist in navigational request or accesses aviation databases. Get a direct-to heading to your next waypoint or check the runway length of the nearest airport – all of that just with your voice, completely offline and all from your smartphone.

Goose also comes with special emergency handling procedures and support. All to ensure that the pilot can concentrate on what’s most important: flying the aircraft!

AeroSys at Sun'n Fun's Innovation Showcase

AeroSys Technologies is among the very few other innovative companies that have been selected to for one of the highly coveted spots in Sun'n Fun’s Innovation Preview. This recognition underscores both AeroSys' commitment to innovation in the field of aviation safety as well as the achievements in bringing AI-systems into General Aviation cockpits.

For Sun’n Fun and during the SnF Innovation Preview AeroSys Technologies will reveal some brand -new AI-features that are unique to the entire aviation industry! The new capabilities will be revealed at SnF for the very first time!
Visit the Innovation Preview, one of our daily forums or our booth to learn more.

Educational Forums and Workshops

At Sun'n Fun, AeroSys executives will host multiple forums focusing on AI in aviation, the utilization of digital assistants, and providing in-depth tutorials on maximizing the benefits of "Goose – Your AI Voice CoPilot." These sessions promise to be enlightening and informative, catering to both industry professionals and aviation enthusiasts.

The forums will be held in the forums tent daily from Wed – Sat at 1:00 pm.

The forums are each 50 min long and targeted towards GA pilots. Each session starts with addressing a different safety aspect in GA’s single pilot operation as well as an intro into the Goose App and how to best use it.
After that each forum will dive into a specific topic of the day and cover special functionalities in depth.

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