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SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo (SUN ‘n FUN) realizes that SUN ‘n FUN enthusiasts enjoy capturing the excitement of SUN ‘n FUN through the making and taking of recordings (including still and moving images, sound etc.). As such, SnF permits those attending SUN ‘n FUN to make recordings (regardless of the means of capture or storage, e.g., film, digital, video, or other format/media) for their personal use only.

SUN ‘n FUN has worked hard to make SUN ‘n FUN what it is today and therefore, we have a vested interest in the intellectual property rights to the SUN ‘n FUN event.

As the creator and producer of SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo, SUN ‘n FUN has a substantial investment in the intellectual property rights to the event – not only during the event but on a continuing, perpetual basis. SUN ‘n FUN retains all worldwide rights to SUN ‘n FUN and to any Recordings that are taken at or of SUN ‘n FUN, either on or off the SUN ‘n FUN grounds.

SUN ‘n FUN is the sole owner of trademarks, copyrights and other proprietary rights connected with SUN ‘n FUN, Aerospace Center for Excellence, the Florida Air Museum or any SUN ‘n FUN event.

The event and organization names may be used for news purposes and consistent with the First Amendment. Nothing in these terms and conditions authorizes or allows violation of any SUN ‘n FUN trademarks, copyright or other proprietary rights.

The sale or use of any Recording of any aspect or activity connected with SUN ‘n FUN (including but not limited to aircraft, crowds, air shows, forums, exhibits, etc.) for commercial purposes without SUN ‘n FUN’s written permission is strictly prohibited, not only during the event but on a continuing, perpetual basis, except as may be expressly permitted by a written agreement with SUN ‘n FUN.

This includes, but is not limited to, “Non-linear” use such as archived television content on the Internet, television content available on a video-on-demand basis, and television content made available via PVR downloads is prohibited without expressed prior written permission by SUN ‘n FUN. This also includes images distributed through formats that include (but are not limited to) cellular, personal communications services and other methods of providing content to handheld digital devices pages, specialized mobile radio and wireless internet (including WIFI).

Legitimate media representatives seeking to cover SUN ‘n FUN events must first seek accreditation from SUN ‘n FUN. SUN ‘n FUN grants accreditation at its discretion, and requires that any Recordings made are used ONLY by the publication(s) he or she is officially representing, and only for the purposes stated in the accreditation request. Any accreditation or permission which may be granted is not assignable or transferable, and use of said Recordings or accounts by any other publication(s) or for other purposes is strictly prohibited, unless additional written permission is obtained by said publication(s) from SUN ‘n FUN. The taking of Recordings for such uses as photo or video stock houses is also prohibited, unless written permission from Sun ’n fun has first been obtained.

This Policy also prohibits use of SUN ‘n FUN Recordings, and SUN ‘n FUN trade marks and trade names in secondary promotional usages, such as promotional portfolios, web sites and other settings that endorse a specific photographer or company. Written permission must be obtained before such uses are allowed.


The use of any or all of SUN ‘n FUN trademarks or trade names without express written permission is strictly prohibited in any manner, shape or form, commercial or private. This applies regardless of whether the use is sold, worn by employees, or given away / distributed at no cost to the recipient.

SUN ‘n FUN retains the right to enforce its rights against any person(s) violating SUN ‘n FUN’s Copyright/Media and Trademarks Policy, especially those who attempt to sell Recordings or use SUN ‘n FUN trade marks or trade names for commercial purposes without express written permission from SUN ‘n FUN. Violators shall be subject to all available remedies of U.S. and International law, up to and including injunctive relief.

Use of SUN ‘n FUN related logos, words, graphics, designs, photographs (film or digital) and/ or any other images that depict or reference the annual SUN ‘n FUN convention/fly-in (including any use that commemorates, denotes, references or otherwise makes some association with the SUN ‘n FUN convention/fly-in) without the prior written consent of SUN ‘n FUN is strictly prohibited. This includes, without limitation, commercial uses, giveaways, advertising, promotions, endorsements, sales, rentals, displays, or products or services.

Any use, attempted use, or registration of any trade mark or trade name that is similar or confusingly similar to the marks listed in Appendix A is strictly prohibited. SUN ‘n FUN reserves the right to amend and update this policy and Appendix A at any time.


SUN ’n FUN Trade Marks and Trade Names
Use of corresponding logos and designs also prohibited
(Combinations also prohibited)

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