Rent Event Space at SUN 'n FUN


Rent Event Space
at SUN 'n FUN

Technology Exhibit

The Aerospace Expo boasts an incredible array of aviation displays, airshows, exhibitors, and hands-on workshops over six days, April 5-10, 2022. Our aerospace-themed exhibits, combined with legendary family entertainment featuring world-famous performers, make for one of the most unique experiences to be found anywhere.

IT'S TIME TO MAKE YOUR FLIGHT PLANS!  Join us again in 2022.

No matter the year, the annual SUN ’n FUN Aerospace Expo is “WHERE IT’S AT” for everything aviation!

Venue Rental Options

Private Chalets on the world-famous Flightline provide you and your guests a memorable and unique experience. Even if your guests are not aviation enthusiasts, the awe-inspiring speed, proximity, and power of the overhead flying aircraft will excite them, create a shared enthusiasm, and make lasting memories.

From banquet seating to casual reception style, this flexible space will be configured to accommodate your private event.

The Airside Chalets border the north Flightline. The “front” of the Chalet may feature clear panel walls for easy viewing. Outdoor seating is provided along with white picket fencing. At the “back,” or southside, of the Chalet, the Warbird Ramp offers static military aircraft displays from WWII-era to the modern age.

Flightline Chalet

Dimensions:      50’ x 33’ (1,650 sq.ft.) including outdoor courtyard (approx. 50’ x 20’)

Specifications:  Soft clearspan tent, gabled roof, 3-sides wall, 1-side clear (north wall), flooring with black indoor/outdoor    carpet, fenced outdoor courtyard, ADA ramp, glass double doors

Seating capacity: 125 including courtyard

Flightline Chalet on a Higher Level

Dimensions:  50’x50’ (2,500 sq.ft.), plus outdoor courtyard (approx. 50’x20’) and upper deck

Specifications:    Hard-frame, double-decker tent, 1-side wall (south wall), 3-sides hard glass, black indoor/outdoor carpet, fenced outdoor courtyard, ADA ramp, glass double doors

Seating capacity: 180 including the courtyard and upper deck

Pricing is based on an 8-hour event, to be scheduled between 9 AM-10 PM

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Venue Rental Video

John's 360 Coatings

Want your own special space at SUN 'n FUN? Consider MyBox! Custom configurations are available for almost any event - and you can have your own elevated viewing deck to watch those incredible SUN 'n FUN airshows! From entertaining to private family gatherings, you can't beat a MyBox custom solution!

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Support The Mission

The mission of the Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) is to “Engage, Educate, and Accelerate the Next Generation of Aerospace Professionals. The SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo and dozens of other events year-round produce the majority of the revenue that goes into supporting this mission. By attending our events, you are helping us deliver top-quality, industry-leading STEM education and scholarship programs to thousands of young men and women each year. The opportunities that ACE provides give young people a competitive edge as they navigate their educational journey that can ultimately lead to a rewarding career in the world’s incredibly diverse and rapidly growing aerospace industry. You can help! Please click the links below to explore how you can share your knowledge and expertise as a volunteer in over 3500 available positions, become a patron of the Florida Air Museum, or donate to assist us financially. Regardless of how you assist, whether by attending our events, visiting the museum or donating financially, we sincerely appreciate your support!

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