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SUN ‘n FUN Exhibitors are the life of our tradeshow and offer literally thousands of diverse products and services. Below you will find an alphabetical list of current exhibitors, links to maps and an application to become an official exhibitor.

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2022 Exhibitors

427 GarageN-046, N-047
92nd West Aviation Inc.NE-001, NE-002
Abingdon CO.B-080, B-081
AC Air Technology N-054
Aces SystemsB-014
ACF-50/Lear Chemical A-008
Acme Aero FabN-082, N-083
Advanced AeroTechnologies GroupD-081, D-082FLY IN STYLE
Advanced Flight SystemsB-018, B-019, B-020, B-021
Adventist World AviationC-058
Advocate Consulting Legal Group, PLLCA-037
Aero Mach Wilco, LLCA-069, A-070
Aerocet Inc.MD-020B
AeroCreeperD-016FLY IN STYLE
Aerolite 103, LLCLP-048
Aeromarine LP-024
Aeromomentum Inc.N-091
Aeromotive Services IncB-049FLY IN STYLE
Aeroprakt USALP-026
Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc.B-068
AeroStar Training ServicesC-096
Aerotronics, Inc.A-058
Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems, LLCA-098FLY IN STYLE
Air JourneyA-068
Air Methods CorporationB-031
Air Plains Services, Inc.N-007FLY IN STYLE
Air Wisconsin AirlinesB-087
Airbly Inc.D-093FLY IN STYLE
Aircraft Automation LLCA-012
Aircraft Dynamics CompanyA-028
Aircraft Owners and Pilots AssociationNE-048 to NE-062, AC-007, AC-008, AC-009Official Sponsor
Aircraft Specialties Services, Inc.B-025
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty B-001,B-002,B-003,B-004,B-005,B-006,B-007,B-008 B-009Official Sponsor
AirForms, Inc.B-038
Airmaster PropellersN-055
Airparts Co. Inc.B-023
Airparts, Inc.N-084, N-085
Airspeed Insurance AgencyA-046
Airtech Coatings NE-003, NE-037
Air-Tech, Inc.LP-019
Airtex Products, Inc.C-075
Aithre AviationC-031
Alion Aviation N-067
Alsim SimulateursB-039, B-040
Ameri Aircraft Sales and Service LLCLD-003
American Aircraft LLCLD-005
American Bonanza SocietyMD-009
American Champion Aircraft CorpNE-016, NE-017
American Legend Aircraft MD-001D
Arctic AirB-015
Armed Forces StoreNE-046
Asian Women in Aerospace and Aviation, Inc.N-059FLY IN STYLE
Aspen AvionicsC-010, C-011, C-012
AssuredPartners AerospaceNE-063FLY IN STYLE
ATP Flight SchoolC-042
Auburn University Department of AviationAC-002
AutoGyro USA Inc. LP-025FLY IN STYLE
Avemco Insurance CompanyC-056FLY IN STYLE
Aviat Aircraft, Inc.MD-031B
Aviation & Military CollectiblesNE-035
Aviation Jewelry, LLCA-056
Aviation Laboratories, Inc.A-009FLY IN STYLE
Aviation Ministry Support Assocation - AMSASE-014, SE-015
Aviation Parts Executive, Inc.A-027
Aviation Real Estate SpecialistsNE-045
Aviator AssistantD-012Official Sponsor
Aviator ParamotorLP-028
Aviators Hot LineB-032Official Sponsor
Avidyne CorporationC-071, C-072, C-073, N-026
B & B Aircraft Supplies, Inc.N-073, N-074
Bad Dog ToolsN-075
Baker's School of AeronauticsB-094
Banyan Pilot ShopLD-011
Barrett Precision Engines, IncNE-038
BAS Part SalesB-091
Bathawk Aircraft, IncLP-031
Battery Saver / Granite DigitalD-063, D-064
Bede Aero SENE-004, NE-005
Bell SNF-001, SNF-002, SNF-004, SNF-005
Belle & Blade Inc.N-062, N-063
BendixKing A-034, A-035, A-036
Beringer Aero USAN-096, N-097
Best TugsD-072, D-073, D-096, D-097
Big South Fork AirparkA-076, A-077
Blades Over Me, LLC.LP-014
Blue Line Aviation LLCMD-018C
Bob Fields Inflatable Door SealA-095
Bose MD-029BOfficial Sponsor
Bristell AircraftSE-001
Bruce's Custom CoversB-066FLY IN STYLE
BushCat by SkyReachLP-022FLY IN STYLE
California Custom Products IncN-001, N-002
Cape Woolamai Mercatile Co.N-087FLY IN STYLE
Capt Santa Claus Aviation GiftsB-046
Caribbean Flying AdventuresD-087, D-088, D-089
Category SportsA-029, A-030
Cellular Sales N-017
CGS AviationLP-046
CGS Hawk Single & Ultra, LLCLP-044
Champion Aerospace LLCA-083, A-084
Cirrus AircraftD-022, D-023, D-024, D-025Official Sponsor
CLAMAR Floats, Inc.N-020
Clarity Aloft HeadsetsB-030FLY IN STYLE
Coastal Winds AvionicsA-073
Coflyt, LLCA-096
College of Missionary Aviation, IncSE-014, SE-015
Collins Aerospace/Goodrich De-IcingB-044
Collins Aerospace-Winslow LifeRaftB-045FLY IN STYLE
Comp Air EnterprisesMD-005B
Concorde Battery CorporationB-050, B-051FLY IN STYLE
Continental Aerospace TechnologiesB-012,B-013
Cottonseed Casual Wear Inc.NE-033
CST Flight ServicesA-031FLY IN STYLE
CubCraftersN-092, N-093, N-102, N-103
Cutco CutleryB-059
Daher MD-022B
David Clark Company, Inc.C-008, C-009
David Uhl Fine ArtA-003
Dean Steel Buildings Inc.B-073
Defiance ToolsN-089FLY IN STYLE
Deland Sport Aviation Showcase LP-052 LSA Mall
Desser AerospaceA-038, A-039
Detroit TorchN-013
Diamond Aircraft MD-017B
Diamond Doors Inc.B-064, B-065
Don George, LLCA-074
Dragon PPG LP-021
DUC Propellers USAN-077
Dynon AvionicsB-018, B-019, B-020, B-021
Eagle Fuel CellsA-043
EarthX, Inc.A-059
Easy eAPISC-025
Electronics InternationalD-090, D-091
Elite Simulation SolutionsD-026, D-027
E-MAG IgnitionsC-098
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityB-085, B-086
Endeavor AirA-055
ENO N-012
Envoy Air A-015
Epic Aircraft, LLCSNF-003Official Sponsor
Epic Flight AcademyD-011
Eppico Rodman DrillN-088
Ethnos360 AviationSE-014, SE-015
Evektor AircraftLP-001
Evoke Aircraft DesignB-082
Evolution Aircraft Inc.LP-016
Experimental Aircraft AssociationLD-007, LD-013
Extra Aircraft and Southeast Aero NE-018, NE-019, NE-020
Factory Direct ModelsC-004, C-005
Faith Riders Motorcycle MinistryC-019, C-020, C-021
Falcon Insurance Agency of Florida. Inc.B-033
Fielden Aero, LLCLP-009
Fixed Wing Aviation MaintenanceAC-003FLY IN STYLE
Fleetwing FuelN-021
Flight Design General Aviation MD-003D
Flight Fast TrackB-077
Flight Safety InternationalC-022, C-023
FlightHelmet.comA-050, A-051
Flitz International, Ltd.D-076FLY IN STYLE
Floats & Fuel Cells, Inc.B-074
Florida DOT A-004
Florida Flight Sports, LLCLP-035
Florida Institute of TechnologyMD-019B
Flying Eyes OpticsNE-040FLY IN STYLE
Flying Legend USA IncLP-018
Fly Light SportLP-002
ForeFlightC-091, C-092, C-093
Future VisionD-065, D-066
G & N Aircraft, Inc.B-067
Game Composites LLCMD-012B
Gardner Lowe Aviation ServicesA-020, AC-006
Garmin USAD-034,D-035,D-036,D-037,D-038,D-043,D-044 D-045 D-046 D-047,N-0011
General Aviation Modifications, Inc.A-065
Genesys AerosystemsD-061, D-062
Gleim AviationC-040, C-041FLY IN STYLE
Go Jet AirlinesA-080
Goulian AerosportsWARBIRD RAMP
Graphic DesignN-038, N-039
Green Bay Austin Straubel AirportVoyager PathOfficial Sponsor
Grex AirbrushC-003
GRT AvionicsD-005
Guardian AvionicsB-056
Gulf Coast Avionics Corp.D-032, D-033Official Sponsor
Gyro Technic LLCLP-032
Gyrocopter Flight Training AcademyLP-050
Hamilton Motor CompanyB-097
HangarBotD-085FLY IN STYLE
Hanks Aero AdventuresA-048
Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell RepairA-075
Hartzell Engine Technologies LLCB-036
Hartzell Propeller Inc.B-034, B-035
Hazebuster OpticsA-047, C-047FLY IN STYLE
Heaven's LandingD-084
Helicopters International LLCLP-006
Herber Aircraft Service, IncD-078
Higher Power Hydraulic Doors Inc.A-022, A-023Official Sponsor
Honda LD-001, LD-008, LD-009Official Sponsor
Honda MarineLD-001, LD-008, LD-009Official Sponsor
Honda Power SportsLD-001, LD-008, LD-009Official Sponsor
Honeycomb AeronauticalB-095, B-096
Hooker Custom Harness Inc.C-083
Horizon Hobby, LLCN-033, N-042
Horizons America Inc.N-037
Huffy's Airport WindsocksB-092
Human TouchN-070
I Beam Sliding DoorsN-060
Ice Shield De-icing SystemsC-002
ICOM AmericaD-028, D-029
ICON AircraftSNF-007
ICP Aviation North AmericaLP-017
iFly GPS by Adventure PilotD-008, D-009
Inearz SportD-086
Insight Instruments Corp.D-013, D-014
Intermountain Business Insurance, LLCB-054
International Wholesale ConceptsN-072
Islands Of The BahamasD-020, D-021Official Sponsor
J.P. Instruments, Inc. B-042
JAARS, Inc.SE-014, SE-015
Jabiru LSA US Sport PlanesN-056
James A Haley Veterans HospitalN-065
JB Aircraft Engine Service IncN-061
Jet Shades D-048, D-049FLY IN STYLE
John's 360 CoatingsMD-014BOfficial Sponsor
Just Aircraft, LLCLP-020
Just A Little BlingN-066
K & M Aviation Services LLCLP-027
K & S ProductsNE-025
Kanardia Avionics North AmericaD-077
Kelly AeroA-005
Kelly Aerospace Thermal SystemsMD-016B
Kelly Manufacturing CompanyD-018
King Schools, Inc.D-002, D-003
Kitchen CraftNE-047
Koenig Spray PolishA-062, C-065
Kracken Adventure BikesNE-027
L3 Harris Flight AcademyMD-010FLY IN STYLE
Lakeland Generator ServicesSNF-006
Lakeland Harley Davidson LD-010
Lakeland Linder International AirportWARBIRD RAMPOfficial Sponsor
LAMA LSA Mall LP-052 LSA Mall
Legends AirwaysNE-064
Levil TechnologyA-010, A-011
Liberty University Inc.MD-004D
Lift Aviation N-098, N-099
LightSpeed AviationB-052,B-053,B-060, B-061
Lima Bravo Aviation, LLCN-032
Lincoln Electric N-044, N-045Official Sponsor
LockRight LLCD-098
Lockwood Aircraft Corp./AirCam N-031
Lockwood Aviation SupplyD-068, D-069, D-070
Loehle CoatingLP-005
LP Aero Plastics, Inc.A-049
Lycoming EnginesD-040, D-041
M.A.V. SRLD-075
MagniGyro-MagniFlight LLCN-019FLY IN STYLE
Marte Updates & Avionics LLCC-097
Maule Air, Inc.AC-001
McCauley Propeller SystemsSNF-001, SNF-002, SNF-004, SNF-005
McFarlane Aviation ProductsA-063, A-064, A-080Official Sponsor
Met-All IndustriesB-075
Method Seven A-093, A-094
Micro AeroDynamics, Inc.A-087FLY IN STYLE
Mid-Continent Instruments and AvionicsC-066, C-067
Midwest Panel BuildersD-074FLY IN STYLE
Midwest Sky Sports N-078
Mike Jones Aircraft Sales Inc.MD-030C
Millennial Technologies LLCB-093
Mission Aviation FellowshipSE-014, SE-015
MotoArt Plane TagsN-049
Mountain AirC-057Official Sponsor
M-Squared AircraftLP-023
MTDNG Holdings LLCAC-004
MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbHA-081, A-082
MTS Aviation Models + MoreN-048
Mustang AeronauticsNE-014, NE-015
Mustang GraphicsN-081
Mutt MuffsC-038, C-039
MyGoFlightC-051, C-052, C-061, C-062
MzeroA.comD-092FLY IN STYLE
National Association of Flight InstructorsC-044
National Aviation AcademyNE-006
Nature Hill NVA-013, A-014
NGPA-Worldwide LGBT CommunitySW-026
Ninety-Nines, Inc.A-079
North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)MD-002D
Novah LLCNE-034
Oasis Aviation B-072
Oasis Scientific IncA-016
Pacific Coast AvionicsD-030, D-031
Para-Phernalia, Inc.B-070
Parker/Cleveland Wheels & BrakesC-032, C-033
Peening TechnologiesB-041
Peter Schiff Aero, Inc.NE-024
Phillips 66 N-029, N-030Official Sponsor
Phoenix East Aviation-PEAN-043
Piano Distributors of Florida, Inc.B-027, B-028
Piedmont Airlines, Inc.A-042Official Sponsor
Pilot Communications USAB-083, B-084FLY IN STYLE
Pilots CrossC-079
Pilots For Christ SE-014, SE-015
Pinnacle Aircraft EnginesNE-021
Piper Aircraft, Inc.MD-024C, MD-025B
Pipistrel LP-004
Plane Instruments N-057
Plane TintC-063
Polk State CollegeC-036Official Sponsor
Poly-Fiber, Inc,B-071, B-098Official Sponsor
Power Flow Systems, Inc.A-044, A-045
PowerLift Hydraulic DoorsC-045, C-046, N-025
Powrachute LLCLP-012
Premium PrintsC-078
Priceless Aviation ProductsC-048, C-049
PS Engineering IncD-056, D-057
PSA AirlinesA-090
PSA EnterprisesC-060
Publix GreenWise MarketSW-030
Quality Aircraft AccessoriesB-037
Quality PowerLD-008
Quiet TechnologiesB-063
R & M Steel CompanyC-013, C-014
Rachel's Jewelry LLCN-014
RAPCO Inc.B-048
Rapidset Metal BuildingsD-053
Redbird Flight SimulationsN-076Official Sponsor
Republic AirwaysC-074
Retailtainers LLCB-017
REVA Air AmbulanceN-023
RevelAero LLCN-058
Ridge Landing AirparkA-021
Rose Aircraft Services, Inc.C-015
Rose Micro SolutionsD-052
Rosen Sunvisor Systems LLCA-060, A-061
ROTAX iService and Training CentresD-058, D-059, LP-007
Rotor X Aircraft Manufacturing Co.N-009, N-010
SAFE Society of Aviation Flight EducatorsA-085, A-086
Sarasota Avionics C-043, C-069, C-070, N-027, N-028Official Sponsor
SayWeather by Connectsix LLCC-090
Scalebirds LLCN-068
ScalewingsLP-037FLY IN STYLE
Scheme Designers, Inc.A-017
Schweiss DoorsD-054, D-055, N-080
ScootAround INCMain Gate
SEAL AeropartsA-041
SeaMax, LLCMD-023B
Seaplane Pilots AssociationC-076, C-077
Seattle AvionicsB-022
Select AirpartsB-029
Sendos ServicesC-026
Sensenich Propeller A-032, A-033
Sensenich Propeller ServiceB-089
Shell Aviation C-085, C-086, C-087, C-088, C-089Official Sponsor
Sheltair AviationA-091Official Sponsor
Sigtronics CorporationD-071
Silver AirwaysC-037
Silverlight Aviation LLCLP-003
SilverWing at SandpointA-067
SiriusXM N-036
Skybolt Aerospace FastenersMD-011B
Skyborne Airline AcademyC-035
Skyleader North AmericaLP-011
SkyWest AirlinesD-039
Sling AircraftNE-011, NE-029
Sling Pilot AcademyC-024
SOARSE-014, SE-015
Soco SwingsNE-032
Southeastern UniversityN-071
Southern Cross AviationMD-006A
Spencer Aircraft SupplyN-050
Sport Performance Aviation LLCNE-009, NE-010
Sporty's Pilot ShopN-100, N-101Official SponsorFLY IN STYLE
SprayGunnerLD-006FLY IN STYLE
Spruce Creek Fly-In RealtyB-055FLY IN STYLE
SPS Exhibitions, LLCN-094, N-095
Stallion 51 WARBIRD RAMPOfficial SponsorFLY IN STYLE
Stars and Stripes Tool Inc.SW-020
StayFly ApparelNE-023
Steen Aero LabA-001
Steinair, Inc.D-017
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityNE-041
Sterling Flight TrainingN-015FLY IN STYLE
Stewart SystemsB-057, B-058
Stol-It Aircraft, Inc.LP-010
Stor-LocD-094, D-095
Stratus by AppareoA-024, A-025, A-026
Strong ParachutesC-084
Super Petrel USA, IncLD-002
Superior Air Parts, Inc.A-092
Superior Aircraft ComponentsN-086
SureFly Electronic IgnitionC-001
Surewings CorporationN-053
Synergy Air NE-030, NE-031
T.Black AviationSE-024A, SE-025A
Tactical HearingC-027FLY IN STYLE
Talk2TowerN-090FLY IN STYLE
Tarragon AircraftN-034, N-035
Tastefully SimpleSW-024FLY IN STYLE
Tecnam US, Inc.MD-027C, MD-028B
Tees by Bo Inc.NE-026
Tely TechnologiesD-010
Tempest Aero GroupC-080, C-081, C-082
Texas Aircraft ManufacturingInc.MD-007B
Textron Aviation, Inc.SNF-001, SNF-002, SNF-004, SNF-005Official Sponsor
The Aviator FamilyMD-034BFLY IN STYLE
The Stress Stop, Inc.C-028
Thunderbird Aviation , LLCLP-030
Titan Aircraft SupplyLP-034
TL North AmericaLD-012
Tobacco Free Florida - Golin HarrisSW-027, SW-029Official Sponsor
Tomlinson Avionics of Florida Inc.N-003, N-004, N-005, N-006
Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc.A-066
Trio Avionics, Inc.A-007
Truestim Retail, LLCA-078
TruStep Health & Wellness C-059
TurbAeroNE-007, NE-008
U.S Aviation Training SolutionsC-068
uAvionix CorpA-088, A-089FLY IN STYLE
ULPower Aero EnginesN-008
UMA, Inc.C-007
Uncommon USA, Inc.C-029, C-030, N-022
Underwriter's Salvage CompanyC-095
Unique Product Sales CoNE-036
Valley of SpeedN-040
Valor GearN-069
Van's Aircraft, Inc.NE-012, NE-013, NE-028
Vantage Plane PlasticsA-053, A-054
Vashon AircraftN-051, N-052
Velocity, Inc.MD-009B
Veterans Airlift CommandWARBIRD RAMP
Viking Aircraft EnginesN-079
Virginia Bader Fine ArtsA-018, A-019
Virtual Fly North AmericaLD-004FLY IN STYLE
Visions Bedrooms and SwingsN-018
Waco Aircraft Corp.MD-008AOfficial Sponsor
Wall Colmonoy/NicrocraftC-094
Wallen Aircraft LLCLP-029
Watkins Quality ProductsSW-028
Wayman AviationAcademyNE-039
We Florida FinancialB-016
Weldon PumpA-006
Wentworth AircraftB-010, B-011
Western Michigan University-AviationB-043
Whelen Aerospace TechnologiesA-071, A-072
Wipaire, Inc.MD-032B
Women In Aviation InternationalA-057
Wooden Signs By ChrisN-024
Yaesu USAD-050
Zenith Aircraft CompanyMD-026B

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The mission of the Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) is to “Engage, Educate, and Accelerate the Next Generation of Aerospace Professionals. The SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo and dozens of other events year-round produce the majority of the revenue that goes into supporting this mission. By attending our events, you are helping us deliver top-quality, industry-leading STEM education and scholarship programs to thousands of young men and women each year. The opportunities that ACE provides give young people a competitive edge as they navigate their educational journey that can ultimately lead to a rewarding career in the world’s incredibly diverse and rapidly growing aerospace industry. You can help! Please click the links below to explore how you can share your knowledge and expertise as a volunteer in over 3500 available positions, become a patron of the Florida Air Museum, or donate to assist us financially. Regardless of how you assist, whether by attending our events, visiting the museum or donating financially, we sincerely appreciate your support!

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