Daily Camping

Daily Camping Information

Daily RV and Aircraft Camping are permitted onsite from March 28 – April 2, 2023.  Daily camping can be purchased on-field only.

The Daily (Overnight) RV Campground is located adjacent to the RV Campground Registration office on 4238 Hamilton Rd. – Lakeland, FL follow roadside signage.

Starting on Tuesday, March 21, our Campground Registration office will be open for business.   A camping permit and the purchase of event admission (for all campground guests) is required upon arrival if you plan to camp at SUN ‘n FUN.

The Daily (Overnight) Aircraft Camping area is located near the VOR on airside. Limited daily camping is available on the east side of the airfield. It is not available in the General Aircraft Camping area.  Place placard (ONC) in aircraft window stating your destination. Overnight Aircraft Camping will not be permitted in other aircraft Camping/Parking areas.

Campers arriving earlier than March 28 will be required to pay a camping fee for each day prior to March 28 upon arrival.  No south side aircraft arrivals before Saturday, March 25.

All campground guests are required to wear an event admission wristband and visibly display a camper permit on their camper unit.

Do you need to ship your camping gear or other items to SUN ‘n FUN?   Click here for a printable shipping label.

If you are camping with your aircraft, please refer to the Aircraft Camping Rules below for more information.

Aircraft Campground Rules

 Please be safe during your stay and follow these rules.

  • Careful use of white gas or propane is allowed provided they are a safe distance (10 Feet) from the Aircraft and attended at all times.
  • No operating cooking stove within 50 feet of the aircraft fueling operation.
  • Pilots and guests should be aware of taxiing aircraft throughout the event. Taxiing aircraft have the right-of-way.
  • Be courteous of your neighbors – keep the campsite neat and clean and noise levels down, especially after 10:00 PM.
  • No aircraft or vehicle movement in the GAC area during the airshow. (When Red flag is up)
  • Please return your locator card promptly to the GAC Registration building or to our Camper Host Building
  • Please include your cell phone number for emergency purposes.
  • Courtesy transportation is available in the aircraft camping area.
  • Showers are available nearby.
  • A “camping unit” on airside is defined as an aircraft or an aircraft with a tent and must be present to secure a camping location.
  • All campground visitors are required to purchase convention admission credentials.
  • All campsites must be paid for before setup.
  • A Camping pass must be visible from the front of the aircraft by a person on a golf cart – it should be in the windshield or on the tent if you use a canopy cover.
  • Campground space is issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please return your locator card promptly to the registration building or to our Camper Hosts. Please include your cell phone number for emergency purposes.

See the General Campground Rules for more information.

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