From north to south you’ll find dedicated bonefishing lodges (best suited for fishermen only). Professional guides are also available to book charters out of nearly every other beach resort and hotel.

See below for a  list of popular fishing locations in The Bahamas.

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Featured Bonefishing Destinations:

Long Island, Bahamas

Old Bight, Cat Island, Bahamas

fishing from boat
holding a fish
Bonafide Bonefishing
Showing off a Bonefish

Bonefishing in The Abacos

In The Abacos, fishermen and their guides fan out over the “marls” on Great Abacos’ west side and Cherokee Sound on its east as well as the western, lee sides of the outer cays like Green Turtle.

Bonefishing in Andros

Huge Andros, split and splintered by watery bights and cuts, has incredibly varied bonefishing. The best spots around North Andros include the Joulter Cays, while in South Andros, guides head to Deep Creek and Little Creek as well as the legendary west side and southern tip of the island where many of the prime fishing grounds have barely been explored.

Bonefishing in Bimini, Cat Island and Eleuthera & Harbour Island

The flats that join the two Bimini together are an ideal bonefish haunt, as are both the northern and southern ends of Cat Island – which offer both tidal creek flats and ocean-side flats – and the flats and creeks at the north end of Eleuthera.

Bonefishing on Long Island

Long Island has some of the best wading flats anywhere, many within a 5- or 10-minute ride from the island’s main resorts, Stella Maris and Cape Santa Maria, and vast areas around Deadman’s Cay and Sandy Cays.

Bonefishing on Acklins & Crooked Island

Crooked and Acklins islands together embrace enormous areas of virgin flat, and like areas around all The Out Islands, are ready to be discovered by adventurous fishermen armed with excellent local guides.

For reference, please review our “Flying to The Bahamas” presentation for procedures and links to all required documents. It’s easy!

Islands of the Bahamas

Experience an effortless flight, well within the capabilities of most single-engine aircrafts


Fifty miles off the eastern coast of Florida, lies the legendary Bimini and Berry Islands, or a northern venture out, 60 miles away, takes you to pristine Grand Bahama, home to the Bahamas' ecological wonders.

Out Islands Adventure

Relaxing, fun-filled activities away from all the commercial distractions!

Exciting Getaway

Enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing in the deep blue waters, or just lay in a hammock with a refreshing drink and doze to the sound of crashing waves and seagulls.

Beach Villa Vacation

Wide-open beaches, kayaking, shelling, home-cooked meals, and more!


If you want to just relax, take in a sunset, sleep until noon, do a little paddleboarding, and never wear shoes, this is your vacation.

Upscale Resort

Fine dining, nightlife, and Bahamas hospitality are all part of the experience!


Pamper yourself – you’ve earned it! Shop, have a massage, watch the yachts, dine in your room, or party on the beach after a volleyball game.

Incredible Bonefishing

World-class guided fishing experience to catch the elusive bonefish!


Bonefishing brings together skill, finesse, and stealth like no other form of fishing, and The Bahamas is home to the finest set of bonefish guides in the world.

Diving & Snorkeling

Dive into Blue Hole caves or skim along gorgeous reefs.


The Bahamas have some of the world’s most dramatic and exciting underwater experiences. Literally millions of fish, miles of caverns, shipwrecks, and rock formations await. 

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