Next-Generation” Daily News Programming Announced the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo


The SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo and the Aero-News Network have teamed up to add something immediate, mobile-centric and vital to the upcoming SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo, set for April 13-18 in Lakeland FL on the campus of the Aerospace Center for Excellence.

They call it the ‘SUN ‘n FUN Digital Daily.’

This year’s event, set to be the first major aviation gathering since the onset of the pandemic, will be taking on the speedy and mobile capabilities of the best in online media presentation to offer exciting daily news programming via a number of rich media assets, in Realtime, throughout each day of the long-awaited event. Designed to be the most accessible aviation news event program extant, the SUN ‘n FUN Digital Daily will be easily accessed by cellphone, tablet, or other connected device.

“We are excited to partner with ANN to bring this new feature to SUN ‘n FUN,” said John “Lites” Leenhouts, President/CEO. “There is so much information and news to share about our event as well as our education programming, and using this digital platform will launch us into a fresh era of relevant, just-in-time communication that is really the way the world expects in the 21st century.”

ANN may be the perfect partner for this program, having (literally) created the very first online aviation news service nearly a quarter century ago and thereafter published nearly a half-million stories, and tens of thousands of Podcasts and video news and feature programs for the aviation community since. ANN’s ‘Airborne Unlimited’ remains the longest running daily aviation video news programs in the aviation industry, having served millions of viewers for well over a decade.

Aero-News CEO/Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, is excited to take on the challenge. “Aviation needs SUN ‘n FUN to reopen the flying community to the good times we have come to love when visiting our favorite Fly-Ins and aviation events. ANN is looking to provide exceptional content and added value to the vital SUN ‘n FUN experience to all those that attend, as well as those still stuck at home. The ‘SUN ‘n FUN Digital Daily’ is designed to be the next step in how we, as a community, grow the aviation world and make ready to celebrate all that is extraordinary about the SUN ‘n FUN experience once again.”

More info about the program will be disseminated in the coming days, parties with news to share or other interest in the SNFDD program are invited to reach out to our offices via the links below.

FMI: Jim Campbell, SUN ‘n FUN Digital Daily,,, 863-299-8680

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