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About Project: STRATOS

Project: STRATOS is an aviation-oriented Digital Media Program designed for students who will uncover what life is like in the aviation industry by visiting various aerospace-related organizations, capturing and vlogging their experiences, and being designated as an ACE Ambassador. This unique opportunity will allow students visibility through our social media, enhanced recognition at the Aerospace Expo, and the opportunity to interact with the industry’s elite throughout the school year. The winner will be announced at “The Bash” and receive the rare opportunity to experience flight in a legendary P-51 Mustang. 

So far, Project: STRATOS students have partaken in activities such as visiting the Stallion 51 facility and taking a trip to iFly Tampa to experience indoor skydiving.

One of the Project: STRATOS students talks about his experience through the program:

Life is perspective and thanks to the STRATOS program I’ve been able to expand my perspective. I’ve been able to open my mind to opportunities I never thought I’d consider.” -Daniel A. Rocha, STRATOS Recipient  

A special thank you goes out to our STRATOS Sponsors

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