Sponsor Spotlight: Junkers Aircraft

The creators of the A50 Junior and the JUNKERS F13, Junkers’ innovations such as all-metal aircraft construction, the cantilevered removable wing, the pressurized cabin, and lightweight construction remain today as mainstays of modern aircraft production. 

The A50 Junior and the JUNKERS F13 have been 75 years out of production; passionate business owner and pilot Dieter Morszeck has dedicated himself to the task of reviving these historic aircraft. Inspired by the innovative spirit of Hugo Junkers, Morszeck and his team of expert engineers have worked with great ingenuity to recreate the Junkers aircraft, no matter what it takes. 

Above and beyond his passion for bringing life back to the JUNKERS nameplate, Morszeck broadened his scope of historic aircraft production with the addition of WACO Aircraft Corp in 2018. Located in Battle Creek, MI USA, WACO’s team of dedicated craftsman manufacture the 1920s & 1930s era sport biplanes with a modern twist. 

Come by Paradise City, sponsored by Junkers Aircraft, and see the Sunset Aerial Circus Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night of the 2023 SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo!

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